Autotrade Design | Car Modification | Fortuner Interior Modification with Premium 5-Star Lounge Fortuner Interior Modification with Premium 5-Star Lounge Auto Trade Design Provides the Most Luxurious Car Lounge Modification Services in India. The Toyota Fortuner is a popular and reliable SUV that is known for its performance, durability, and versatility. While the Fortuner is an excellent choice for those who love adventure and off-roading, it is also an excellent vehicle for those who value luxury and comfort. In this blog, we will take a closer look at some of the Fortuner interior modifications that can enhance the driving experience, including a privacy partition, 32-inch Sony LED TV, powered fridge, wooden lamination, jump seats, recliner seats, ambient lights, Galaxy Lights, and center console. more details about Car Lounge Modification He’s the most popular in India for luxury car lounge modification like Kia Carnival, Toyota Fortuner, Innova Crystal, V-Class, Mahindra THAR, and other cars. Fortuner Interior Modification | Sound Proof Privacy Partition One of the most popular modifications for the Fortuner Lounge is the privacy partition. This feature is particularly useful for those who want to create a separate space in the back of the vehicle for VIP passengers or important clients. The privacy partition creates a barrier between the driver and the rear passengers, giving them a sense of privacy and security. Fortuner Interior Modification | 32-inch Sony LED TV This TV is installed on the back of the privacy partition and is connected to a high-quality sound system. It can provide hours of entertainment for passengers, whether they are watching a movie, playing video games, or browsing the internet With its Android LED, you will enjoy YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more platforms. Fortuner Car Customization | 18 ltr Fridge Another excellent feature of the Fortuner interior modification is a powered fridge. This feature is particularly useful for those who love to travel long distances and need to keep food and beverages cool. The powered fridge can keep drinks and snacks at the perfect temperature, making it easy to enjoy a refreshing beverage or a healthy snack while on the road.  Fortuner Car Customization | Wooden Lamination For those who want to give their Fortuner modification a luxurious look and feel, wooden lamination is an excellent option. This feature involves adding high-quality wood to the interior of the car, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The wood can be customized to match the preferences of the owner, and it can be used to enhance the look of the dashboards, doors, and other areas of the vehicle. Fortuner Car Interior | Jump Seats and Recliner Seats For those who need to transport a large number of passengers, Jump seats are foldable seats that can be added to the back of the vehicle, allowing for additional seating. Recliner seats are seats that can be adjusted to different angles, providing passengers with maximum comfort and relaxation. It has fully automatic recliner seats with powered calf support and you will get a center console to operate all these automatic recliner seats it’s fully 6-way adjustable seats. Fortuner Car Interior | Center Console Finally, it provides passengers with additional storage space and amenities. The center console can include features such as a wireless charger, a charging station for electronics, storage, and a hand rest support system, and it is fully customized center console. In conclusion, the Fortuner modification is an excellent vehicle that can be customized to suit the needs and preferences of its owner. Whether you are looking for additional comfort, entertainment, or storage space, there are a variety of modifications that can enhance your driving experience. The modifications discussed in this blog, include a privacy partition, 32-inch Sony LED TV, powered fridge, wooden lamination, jump seats, recliner seats, ambient lights, Galaxy Lights, and a center console. In Fortuner interior Modification you will get a luxurious feel and comfort, you will get a more comfortable seat with heating messaging features, which make your long journey easy, an LED TV for entertainment, customized flooring, a foot mat, leather paintwork, leather upholstery, wooden lamination, chiller box, premium look roof with galaxy starlight, and ambient lighting in whole cabin, if you are interested for car lounge modification & Fortuner interior modification please contact to our team: 7303097807